maDeepLabCut - Maximum number of individuals

Dear all,

I have just started working with the beta version of deeplabcut in order to track multiple animals in a video sequence. Maybe I have missed that information doing my research, but I cannot figure out the limitations of the multiple animal tracking in deeplabcut - so I am reaching out for your experience and advice.

I would like to track approx. 20-70 individuals in a video using btw. 6-8 markers for each animal. Do you believe that deeplabcut is the right tool to do so or do you have another recommendation? In most of the dlc-examples I have seen online, only a smaller number of animals has been tracked which is the reason for my uncertainty.

Thank you so much in advance

the limitation will be the # of pixels per animal; you need to be able to reliably label them. If you have 20-70 individuals, you might need high resolution (4K resolution) images to get 6-8 keypoints each. this requires large GPUs