Macro not working properly

I am running the following macro commands in batch processing mode

run(“Unsharp Mask…”, “radius=150 mask=0.90”);
run(“Make Binary”);
makeRectangle(340, 371, 300, 100);
run(“Clear Outside”);

I run the same macros on two different platforms Windows 10 and Windows 7. However both resulted in to different outputs as given in the image. While the output i was getting in Windows 7 platform is my desired result, I am not able to get the same result in Windows 10 platform. Is it a bug or how can I get back to the desired result in Windows 10 platform.

Thanking you in advance.

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Hey @Bhaskarjyoti_Sarma,

could you please check if the biinary options (Menu Process > Binary > Options) are identical on both systems? Especially the “Black background” checkbox might play a role.


I hope that helps.