Macro ignoring Plot.create command

Hi All,

Sorry to bother you with this but I am at loss as to how to proceed:

I have a macro that is ignoring the Plot.Create command. I have enclosed this line with print “hello world” and “goodbye world” statements and these work fine. I have also cut and past the Plot.Create command into the interactive interpreter and run it there successfully.

Any ideas what is going on. This is in the latest build of Fuji. THANKS

Self solved…

“Plot.create(“Title”, “X-axis Label”, “Y-axis Label”, xValues, yValues)**
Generates a plot using the specified title, axis labels and X and Y coordinate arrays. If only one array is specified it is assumed to contain the Y values and a 0…n-1 sequence is used as the X values. It is also permissible to specify no arrays and use Plot.setLimits() and Plot.add() to generate the plot. Use to display the plot in a window, or it will be displayed automatically when the macro exits.”

Plot.create produces a hidden graph in macros and needs to be displayed. In the Interactive Interpreter, the graph is displayed immediately.

Left here for others.