Macro function getList("image.titles") not working

Whenever I try to use getList("image.titles"), I get this message and the macro aborts:

Unvalid key in line x.
getList ( “image.titles” <)> ; call ( “net.imagej.legacy.plugin.IJ1MacroEngine.setOutput” , “result” , result ) ;

It doesn’t help to use the sample macro. There is no problem using the other getList predefined functions (“window.titles”, “”, “threshold methods” or “LUTs”).

I am using Fiji (IJ 1.49k) on Arch Linux, with java 7 openjdk. Here is the automatic report.

Does someone have an idea of what could cause this behavior?

I cannot reproduce (on Mac OSX). Can you please update Fiji (your last update was 11/2014 according to the report) and try again?


Updating Fiji (to IJ1.50b) seems to solve the problem. Sorry I didn’t try that before posting here.

Thank you for your help, Jan.

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