Macro Error with ImageJ Plugin Filoquant

Hi! I recently started using FiloQuant and have so far had no issues whatsoever analyzing a time lapse (stack of 42 pictures forming a video in tiff format) with the single-image or semi-automated options. However, every time I try to implement the automated option with the same file of pictures, I get part of the way through analyzing the video before I get a box that pops up saying “No window with the title “MAX_colored” found” box with the heading “macro error” is popping up and I am not sure where I went wrong or how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

If you mean this macro (you haven’t linked the specific macros):

I would contact the autor directly.

The error indicates that somehow the data of an active windows is required though it is in batch mode,see:

I only guess the error occurs because the batch mode is disabled before, see:

You could try to set the setBatchMode to true (setBatchMode(false);) before the selectWindow("MAX_colored"); and disable it after the selectWindow command(setBatchMode(false); ).
Just a guess.

Thanks so much- I will give that a try and let you know if it works!

Changing the macro like you suggested did not work however changing a few of the settings and unchecking the “batch mode: stack analysis” box did work for running the “automated” option on a file of 41 images. Thanks again for the help!