Macro Error when following the tutorial "Learn DiameterJ"


I am learning to use ImageJ and DiameterJ plugin to analyze my nanofiber SEM pictures.

I am going through the Training ( and I arrived at Training 3. I simply follow the instruction, download the zip folder and start analyzing the figures using the plugin DiameterJ as described in the training.
I could analyze the figures at the beginning but I always got the message at the end of the analysis saying that it was not possible to find the temp.csv file. I could see the results of the analysis but they were different compared to the ones shown in the training.
So I run the analysis again and now, after the second image, I get a MacroError saying:

Row(-4) out of range in line 322
Char_Length_Mean=getResult ("Branch length),nResults -4 <)>;

And the analysis stops. No results.
I tried to remove ImageJ and DiameterJ from my pc and download everything again but I still get this error.
Can someone help me?

I cannot use anymore ImageJ because of this error. I cannot process anymore any image analysis using DiameterJ. I downloaded also Fiji and I get the same error. I really need some help to fix the issue.

Thank you

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I am also getting the same error. but still no idea that how to resolve this issue.

@NHotaling please can you provide a solution or answer about this issue. It will be great. I looked into the code but unfortunately did not get that how to resolve this issue.

Many Thanks