Macro directory

I have a collection of macros that I want to have loaded at start-up. I can add all of them to StartupMacros.txt, but I would like the macros to reside in a different directory ImageJ/macros, so I can have easy source control over that entire directory.

How can I achieve that. Tried the -Dplugins.dir=/d/mycode/ImageJ/macros and does not seem to do the trick!


Are these ImageJ macros, java, or some other language? Are you using Fiji or vanilla ImageJ?

Image J macros (*.ijm files). Plain ImageJ.


I see. Is there a reason you don’t want to put them in the plugins folder? For plain ImageJ, putting IJM files in the plugins folder automatically loads them upon launching ImageJ. You can even create a subfolder which will show up as a submenu under plugins.

I am trying to have my scripts under source control and is not feasible to point my source control to a folder of ImageJ that has a lot of other things in it (since I am not the owner).

Now a subfolder in the current plugins folder of ImageJ is the solution I currently have. Ideally I would like to have that folder outside of plugins folder, somewhere else…

Thanks for suggestions!

I see. Well, unfortunately, that is all I know about installing macros. Hopefully someone else who knows more will pick up this thread.