Machine learning



Hey there,
Is there anyone who is doing image analysis with the help of machine learning (or ANN or other) using imagej. If so please let me know the plugins you are using…

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Trainable Weka Segmentation - that’s the one! :slight_smile:



ok thank you verymuch,


If you want to perform machine learning based segmentation, then FIJI - Trainable Segmentation is the way to go. For object based classification you can also use KNIME Image Processing. Really depends on what you want to achieve and what your actual machine learning problem is.


Thank you very much dietzc. I am trying to detect tumors on mammograms using my programme. My ultimate goal is to develop a CAD system to detect lesions on mammograms.


Dear @dietzc ,

Can you give me a clue to integrate KNIME and imagej/fiji. means how to use knime options in a macro script in imagej.



Hi @Denuwan,

you can call FIJI / ImageJ2 functionality as KNIME nodes in KNIME, however, KNIME nodes can’t be executed / accessed individually from ImageJ-Macros.




Thank you very much @dietzc


I overheard your conversation. I have Fiji and KNIME but am very new to KNIME so please tell me how to integrate the two.
Thanks for any help.


Hi @smith_robertj,
you can get a general overview of KNIME Image Processing, on our wiki.. There you can also find details of our ImageJ/Fiji integration. If you have any more questions feel free to ask them either here or on the KNIME Image Processing subforum.


Mr. gab1one,
Thank you very, very much for this valuable and much needed information!!
It may take me awhile, but I intend to expand my imaging horizons.