Mac OS executable missing in no-JRE Version?

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i’m sorry to ask a stupid question,
if Fiji download page we have a platform independent package (
In this ZIP I see 4 executable : Linux 32/64 ; Windows 32/64 but I don’t see any executable for mac OS.

Seems that MacOS executable is missing, how can Mac users could run this package ? (I don’t have any mac OS device and no specific knowledge on this OS).

I see there is a separate Mac distribution with a dmg file for mac users but i’m looking for a file system that will have an executable for all OS (to ship it independently of OS).

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The executable for macOS is in Contents/MacOS/ImageJ-macosx according to macOS conventions. It needs to live there so that double-clicking on the launches the program as intended. You can certainly launch that executable from the command line, just like with other OSes.

IIRC, one idea we considered a couple of years ago was to put the ImageJ-macosx in the top-level folder along with the others, and then symlink the Contents/MacOS version to that, but when we tried it, there was some technical issue preventing it from working as intended. So we gave up on it. But feel free to play with something like that, and if you get it working, we could implement it.

Thanks Curtis for your answer,

Unfortunately I don’t own any Apple product, however if I find a friend with a MacOS device I will explore the symlink you proposed I give you update.


@Salim_Kanoun Just to be clear, you shouldn’t need to make any symlinks. Apple users can simply execute Contents/MacOS/ImageJ-macosx directly and it should work fine. The symlink would be merely for convenience and visibility. This is the standard pattern on macOS: experienced Apple users looking to run a tool from the CLI know to look in the Contents/MacOS folder.


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