Mac leopard operating system problems



I have recently moved from PC’s to Macs and am working on the Leopard operating system. I can’t seem to get cell profiler to run on this OS. Has anyone had this experience and if so found a way to get around it?


CellProfiler will not run on Leopard (OS 10.5). We are currently compiling it on OS 10.4.


Do you have any plans for the near future to get cp running on leopard?


I will discuss this with our group and get back to you in about a week.
Sorry for the delay,


I just saw this post and was wondering wether there has been any change since january on this topic.



Unfortunately, no we have not begun compiling CellProfiler for Mac Leopard. We are waiting for our IT group to complete their testing of the OS before we are authorized to use it. As soon as we can compile CellProfiler on Leopard, we will update this forum topic and post a note on the homepage. Thanks for checking back!


Cell Profiler is actually able to run on Leopard (at least with an Intel processor and the Intel CellProfiler).
I probably tested only 1 image with the LoadImages module and therefor CP started to complain and I didn’t look properly into what the problem was…
I found out that it should be possible in this topic: Problems installing/running on OS 10.4.11



We now have a Mac running Leopard and we are testing CellProfiler on it. Hopefully, we will be able to release a version for Leopard with our next release of CellProfiler.