Mac Catalina and Micromanager configuration error

Installation is “fine”.
MicroManager v2.0 loads with the default configuration and runs fine.
However–if you begin using the configuration tool, Mac Catalina refuses to recognize (“unknown developer”) every last one of the plug-ins, so configuration is impossible.
Anyone have a fix?

I’ve installed on Catalina, so it’s possible. It takes several steps, though. First, after you install, open the app folder, hold down command, and drag ImageJ to the desktop. Then hold command and drag it back to the folder. Then open the Security & Privacy preferences panel, click the padlock icon, and type in your computer password. Go back to the MM folder, right click on the ImageJ icon and select “open.” A dialog may appear and recommend you don’t open the app, but there should be an option to open anyway. You might get some error message, and in the Security & Privacy pane, it should now list some component under the “Allow apps downloaded from” area, and allow that component. Open the ImageJ icon again (this time you should be able to just double click as normal, I think) and repeat until no more error messages appear and no components show up the in the Security & Privacy pane.

At least that’s what worked for me.