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I just noticed that on OSX the Menu bar (in BDV and other windows) in my Fiji is now in the window, not in the Mac Application Menu? Is this new behaviour?

Also, the IJ setting “Don’t set Mac menu bar” in Edit>Option>Misc… is not persisted between Fiji runs.

Does anybody know what is causing this?


Hi @tpietzsch,

How exactly are you quitting Fiji? I have realized only recently that Fiji > Quit ImageJ will not persist options, while File > Quit works fine for me. I assume that is related to changes from Java 6 to 8 w.r.t. OS-specific stuff like the menu bar…



They both do not work – for that particular options, for other options it does work, though.


That’s right, I can confirm that observation on my machine. Look at the source code, I guess the Prefs#setIJMenuBar setting never made it into the persistence mechanism. Either that’s intended behavior or a bug - could you comment on this, @Wayne?


The Prefs#setIJMenuBar option is not persistence by design. You can make it persistent by adding


to the Edit>Optionws>Startup dialog. This option was added as a way to work around the problem with increasing delays in window creation with Java 8 on macOS.


Ah ok, thanks Wayne! That explains this part.

Then there still remains the question why the setting is not honoured in Fiji…

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