Mac 10.9.5 Install Problems


I have a Mac and I am trying to install the CellProfiler Stable (2.2.0) program. It keeps giving me an error message and I have seen on this forum that people have figured it out but don’t have instructions on how they did it. I am not very computer savvy and was wondering if anyone could give me more step by step instructions on how to fix this problem.

Thank you

Can you copy and paste the error message, or get a screenshot if that’s not possible? It’ll help to know what error is actually occurring. You do have a recent Java install, right?

Here is the error message and when I click open console this is what it looks like. I do have the latest version of java

This seems like it’s probably the same error as in this post, please try the suggested solutions there and let us know if they work.

I downloaded the Java SE Development Kit 8u92 and it said installation was complete. However, cell profiler still won’t work.

Darn! I’m sorry to hear that. We’ll try to get this solved (for you and the others!) ASAP.

Thank you! I appreciate it.