Lymphocyte detection in H&E

Dear QuPath community, I am writing to request your help:
I need to detect lymphocytes from a tissue stained with H&E.
I have tried selecting cell detection, adjusting cell parameters, however I still can’t get lymphocytes to be detected correctly. Maybe someone has done it before and can give me their recommendations.

Thank you

The closest I can offer is using nucleus size and hematoxylin staining intensity. In general, this has been something more commonly solved by deep learning, however. If your staining and sample prep are high enough quality, you might look into the following.
which references:

They seem to have used a machine learning classifier.

Another link to a similar question, but doesn’t really go into cell detection.

And if you want more details, posting a full resolution image would allow us to be more helpful, either a field of view, or a whole image hosted somewhere.