Lung radiograph and symptoms tiredness, brainfog, can't think clearly


İ just had a radiograph of my lungs after quitting smoking for 6 months and the docter said that my lungs were bad i i could get COPD if i kept smoking.

İ like to know if my lungs are that bad?

Because i have symptoms like always being tired, brainfogged, anxiety, no motivation to do something, isolating myself, can’t thinking clear and i tried everything to reduce those symptoms but npthing worked.

So after the doctor said that my lungs were bad i associated that with the symptoms i have i don’t know if that makes sense.

Could my lungs cause the symptoms? And what can i do to improve my health and get rid of the symptoms?

Thank you.

Hey @Adem_Bulut,

I think it would be best if you discuss that with your doctor. This forum (and maybe the whole internet) is not the right place to ask for medical advice.

Get well soon!