.lsm files


I have a problem with a .lsm file,

My file .lsm contains 3 channels (Red, Green, WhiteField), and I want to work with data from 2 channels at same time (as 1 image).

I can split the .lsm file with the selection of images matching rules in NamesAndTypes, but it’s just once channel each one, do you have any suggestion to get the two channels image?

Another idea is extract each channel, saved it as .tiff and then try to combine the one that is GFP.tiff and WhiteField.tiff, do you know how to do it?

Hope someone can give me some help with this problem.


It sounds like you are using the Input Modules correctly. After the channels are extracted properly, to combine images you can use the GrayToColor module, and combine the images however you like. Let us know if that helps.