Lost Tags when Moving Projects Between Groups


When you move images, datasets or projects between groups, even if those groups are both read-annotate, you lose all tags/attachments that are shared with other objects of the originating group. Is there a way to copy all annotations to the new group (effectively duplicating them).

In our case, we have annotations attached to datasets and images that we want to move from a private group to a public group and we wish to retain all of the original tags, without losing them in either the public or private groups. Any advice much appreciated! We are using OMERO 5.4.10. Many thanks.

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Hi Johnny

Unfortunately tags will be lost when moving data to a different group. You’ll have to write a script to duplicate them in the new group.

Alternatively you could use MapAnnotations as they should be kept. You can read a previous discussion on https://www.openmicroscopy.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8718

One of our users has written a script to convert tags to MapAnnotations, you may find it useful:

Hi Simon,

Thanks very much for the reply, both of those options sound suitable. If I get time, I would like to develop the script to duplicate the tags in the new group, and if so I will be sure to share it with the community on Github.



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Hi Johnny,

I tried to see if this would be much work to support in the webclient and you can see that code at https://github.com/ome/omero-py/pull/35
This is a “draft” and there’s a few other things to consider (see the description) but if you want to use it in your own chgrp script then please do.
As you can see, duplicating the Tags happens as part of the chgrp move because if you try to do it before or after the move, you won’t be able to link the new Tags at the same time as knowing what the old Tags were linked to.


Hi Will,

That’s fantastic, thank you! That code looks like it will get me off to a good start for a chgrp script - great stuff!