Loss of metadata from CPA to CP 2.0

Dear Staff of Cell profiler,
i am a user of an Olympus Scan-R system. I have read many positive comments on Cell Profiler and Call Profiler Analyst and i found it really interesting and more useful than the Scan-R Analysis software, so that i decided to prepare my analysis on CP and CP Analyst. Actually i have prepared my analysis in two part:
In the first I measure image quality parameters on CP and with CPA i select only images with good scores (in order to remove out of focus images). Specially i generate a gated table for CP for the second part of analysis.
In the second part i load images in CP using the “load data” module that gather information regarding the field that should be used.
Actually the method is apparently working, but i found the following problem: while in the first pipeline the images metadata are correctly loaded (well and site numbers) when i run the second pipeline i am not able to obtain metadata information.
I use metadata specially to generate a correct illumination function based on each well.
It would be very nice if you can gave me any advice.
Thank you in advance.

You will need to edit the headers of the csv file in order to get it to work in LoadData. All columns that include metadata require the text “Metadata_” prepended to it in order for it be recognized appropriately.


I have followed your advice and now is perfectly working. Thank you very much!