Lookup table (LUT) of bfopen() MATLAB function



The third column of the output of bfopen() MATLAB funciton as part of bio-formats is dedicated for lookup table.

The data{s, 3} element contains color lookup tables for each plane in the s-th series.

But as far as my experience goes, whatever image I open with bfopen() the third column of the output cell array is empty, or more precisely it was a cell array containing an empty array [] when the source image only contained one plane, whereas 4 by 4 cell array each element of which contained an empty array [] when the image had 4 planes (channels).

When I used bfGetReader() instead to open an image with 4 planes, the resultant object’s get8BitLookupTable and get16BitLookupTable both returned an empty array [].

So far I haven’t managed to find the specification of these LUTs, so I can’t really implement this to my workflow.

Q1: Is there an example image file that has a compatible LUT, i.e. either bfopen or bfGetReader recognize its LUT?

Q2: Is lookuptable really supported by these functions, or it’s there but it’s been kind of abandoned?