Looking for a headless HDF reader



Actually, this plugin still does not work when fiji is run with “–headless” flag. This is caused by both HDF5ImageJ .loadDataSetsToHyperStack and HDF5ImageJ.loadCustomLayoutDataSetToHyperStack calling imp.show()


And now there is a PR https://github.com/fiji/HDF5_Vibez/pull/2 that fixes it.


The PR was merged, but I have not cut a new release yet. Will do so in the next batch of Fiji updates (typically every 4-12 weeks) unless you urgently desire it sooner.


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Hi all,
I am in the final month of my current employment and will be unable to continue support for this plugin from this point onward.

Is there someone else who would be willing to take over the responsibilities of managing this repository?

Thanks, and it has been a pleasure!



Otherwise it is likely to be me, in which case responsiveness will be lacking.


Oh. That came unexpectedly. Yeah, why not :slight_smile:


Awesome! I added you to the team on GitHub.

Please read over the SciJava team roles and let me know which one(s) you are willing and able to do. Happy to answer any questions about it.


Hi there!

So I could take-up the following for the HDF5_Vibez:

reviewer, support, maintainer, developer, debugger

I guess I could spend more time on review, support and maintenance roles than dev and debug, but have some plans for evolving the plugin into scifio as you know - just currently no time. Let’s see how it evolves when I start my lab next year :wink: