Long term storage of images


What is the best way of storing images long term? H5, zip, tar? plus heavily downsampled maximum projections (uncompressed) to be able to see them quickly without decompressing them?

This would be for images of finished projects (15 TB) that haven’t been used in years.

Thank you

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Hi @Swa,

Can you tell us a little bit more about the images? What format are they in now? What modality and perhaps what tools do you currently use to view them?


Thank you @joshmoore,

The images are mostly tifs, Zeiss CZI and some cellSens VSI.

I currently have the images in hard drives and some on OMERO (although I won’t be able to use OMERO any more in the future).

I use 99% of the time FIJI to view and process them (on Win 10). Although the ones that I want to store for long term are images that I don’t need to process any more (finished projects).