Long loading time

I’ve installed the CellProfiler developers version, and to load it I type ‘CellProfiller’ on the MATLAB command line. however, It takes it a vary long time to load each time (about 5 min, somtimes longer).

do you have any idea why this should happen?
Im working on windows XP


Hi Michal,

Does it start up successfully at the end of the long wait time, or does it give any errors or warnings? Also, what sort of computer are using, i.e, how much memory, what processor speed?

Assuming your computer is sufficiently fast, there is one point in the code where CellProfiler checks our website for a version number. From this Mathworks post, I gather that the urlread function may hang or perhaps stall if the connection is slow. If that’s the problem, you can follow the advice in that post to deal with the timeout in urlread.m, or disable the webpage check in CellProfiler.m by commenting out these lines (lines 599 - 603)

if str2double(CurrentSVNVersion) < str2double(WebsiteSVNVersion)
        CPmsgbox({'A new version of CellProfiler is available at www.cellprofiler.org',...
            sprintf('You are still running version %s. The new one is version %s',CurrentSVNVersion, WebsiteSVNVersion)},...
            sprintf('Upgrade to version %s of CellProfiler',WebsiteSVNVersion));

Let us know if it takes care of the issue.