Long exposure is unstable with Spinnaker

Hello - I’m facing issues related to long exposure stability with Spinnaker device adapter. (This already occured to me a while ago and that was resolved by installing a more recent MM: Coolled Stability )

I run the lastest MM (2.0.0-gamma1_20210119).
My camera is a FLIR BlackFlyS, controlled with Spinnaker. Short exposures (a few ms) are stable. Long exposures (typically 1000ms) are not stable: consecutive images have fluctuating brightness, with a factor of ~ 3 (The intensity of the brightest images is ~3 times as much as the intensity of the dimmest images). This is reproduced with a pe-4000 LED and with a Thorlabs LED controlled via Arduino. Problem is resolved when the shutter is left open. This hints into an issue related to shutter/camera synchronisation.

Spinnaker device adapter has probably some bugs (Live button doesn't trigger auto shutter ), I’d be grateful if someone could look into it.

Many thanks!

Hi there, I haven’t advanced much on this issue. Could anyone provide tips to look into it? I already had a look at the log files, but I don’t see anything useful.