Long delay from stop live with long exposure

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We’ve started having an issue with stopping live when an exposure approx over 1s is set. When you press live to stop it, it reports “stopping live” but it takes maybe 15-20s to do it. At which point the zeiss reflected light shutter closes and the live display closes. Not having this issue for exposures <1000ms and does not affect snap, album or acquire functions. I’m not sure if its the camera or perhaps communication with the microscope via a USB to serial adapter. The only change within the last few months is a new PC, but the USB to serial adapter is unchanged as far as i’m aware. Problem report attached.

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Problem Report britemac.txt (76.9 KB)

This looks like an issue in the (Teledyne) PVCAM adapter. You can verify this by doing the same with the demo camera. It would be best to contact Teledyne support.

Hi Nico, yes it seems so, seeing it in the PVCAM test application too. Not seeing it with the demo camera. I have contacted Teledyne about this.



Hi all, just in case anyone else is wondering about this, the issue is with the PVCAM driver. The best version now for a Prime BSI using USB3 if you want to be able to set exposures longer than 1s, is See explanation of why they have changed the driver behaviour for later versions of PVCAM:

“This behaviour is two-pending-request function that we added to PVCAM and newer. This additional pending request was added to make extra delay between acquisition and image processing. Some of our customers were losing data due to combination of USB data transfer speed and camera fast image processing. Please note this behaviour is present on cameras connected over USB only. You can use the PCIe interface as a workaround. I’ve been also informed that our engineers are working on a new USB driver that should significantly improve this behaviour. It’s currently in testing phase and will be introduced in one of the upcoming PVCAM releases.”

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