LogWindow does not open anymore when running a script

Hi all,

when I used to run my Fiji Python script I have a lot of lines like:

from org.scijava.log import LogLevel

log.log(LogLevel.INFO, 'New basename for output :' + basename)

Its output was typically shown in the Log window that opened up. But this stopped working and so far i did not find out, how to make this “log window” visible again. Any ideas are appreciated. The script itselfs runs fine, juts my beloved log window will not show up anymore.

The logging messages still show up when running the script in headless mode

[INFO] Starting ...
[INFO] Filename               : /input/01_DAPI.ome.tiff
[INFO] Save Format used       : ome.tiff
[INFO] ------------  START IMAGE ANALYSIS ------------
[INFO] New basename for output :/output/01_DAPI
[INFO] Image Filename : /input/01_DAPI.ome.tiff
OMETiffReader initializing /input/01_DAPI.ome.tiff
Reading IFDs
Populating metadata
[INFO] ImageCount_OME : 0
[INFO] ScaleX : 0.454
[INFO] ScaleY : 0.454
[INFO] ScaleZ : 1.0
[INFO] SeriesCount_BF : 1
[INFO] SizeC : 1
[INFO] SizeT : 1
[INFO] SizeX : 1376
[INFO] SizeY : 1104
[INFO] SizeZ : 1
[INFO] is3d : False
Reading IFDs
Populating metadata
Reading IFDs
Populating metadata
[INFO] Apply Filter  : MEDIAN
[INFO] Filter Radius : 9
[INFO] Duration of Processing : 2.4388687
[INFO] Duration of saving as OME.TIFF : 1.6388613
[INFO] Writing output JSON file ...
[INFO] Done.

Sidenote: Win10 64bit, latest Fiji, everything up-to-date (202-03-05)