LogService formatting for FileHandler

Dear all,

Creating a small plugin which is currently using standard java.util.logging (not sure if this is suboptimal in relation with ImageJ instead of using another logging service/system such as log4j).
I am using a ConsoleHandler as well as a FileHandler and configured their formatting by changing the SimpleFormatter system properties. Aim was to get a single line logging in the output log file.

Running this from Eclipse works nicely for the console as well as the log file.
Running it in Fiji swaps the logging format back to the standard ImageJ logging format including the triggering class.

I actually don’t care for the console output and do not want to change that behaviour in Fiji.
What bothers me is that my FileHandler formatting is adapted to the standard ImageJ formatting as well.

Now, I was looking into the LogService and the forum post Logging in Fiji and ImageJ but it seems to be impossible to change the logging format in Fiji for a specific plugin/FileHandler, is it?

Would it be possible to use the custom formatting at least for the log file output without switching to log4j and the need to mess around with any existing log4j.properties file?

Any hint on possibilities is appreciated