Log out or not log out?

If I log in into the forum, but then close the browser window, it appears that one does not get logged out automatically.
I found that by clicking on my avatar on the top right corner of the page, and then click on the :gear: icon, sometimes I appear as still logged in from previous sessions.
When I remember to do a proper “log out” instead of just closing the browser, obviously this does not happen, but I wondered what .

If so, is there any issue in still appearing as logged in when one is actually not so? (e.g. if I come to the forum again, I have to go through the signing in procedure, so I am not really ‘still logged in’).

I don’t believe there’s any downside to remaining logged in on a personal device. I certainly do. ~J.

Thank you. I also thought so. The issue was that while I keep registered as logged in, closing the browser actually logs me out (now I wonder if that is because the browser clears cookies on exit?)
The “logged in” record therefore seems to remain without updating. I once checked the :gear: icon and had several “logged in” sessions from the same computer and did not know if that was supposed to be like that.