Log out dialog/menu

For some reason the menu to log out (where our avatar is located on the top right) seems to be always too long to fit the screen/window and to reach the “Log out” entry one has to scroll down. I do not know if this is only in Firefox but it seems to be most unnecessary and ergonomically inconvenient.
Can that be solved (so there are less entries visible? Or put the “Log out” at the top? Thanks.

I also observe a slight y offset of the user menu, i.e. the top of the dropdown menu is a little lower than the bottom of the header bar:

This might have been caused by the CSS customization for the μforum and Community Partners links. (@ctrueden or @etadobson any idea?)

I couldn’t find a setting for the number of notifications that are displayed by default, but I found this topic on meta (btw, the logout button on meta.discourse.org is at a different position, on the user name tab…):


And I learned a new shortcut: you can type Shift-ZZ to log out of the forum. But to be honest, I rarely actively log out :smile: What are your reasons for frequently having to access that functionality?

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Erm… log out? :slight_smile: but only once per session! :laughing:
I did not know the short cut, thanks @imagejan.
Perhaps moving to the top would be the best option, if possible at all.

By the way in linux KDE the shortcut seems to be:
Shift-Z Shift-Z
Otherwise it does not seem to do anything.

It is probably an imperfection in the Discourse CSS rules. Fixing it for this specific site could likely be done by finding a CSS rule tweak or two. But it would cost more time & effort than it is worth for me.

If you want continue pursing this issue, I suggest asking about this on meta.discourse.org. On that site (also Discourse), I do not see a scroll bar, but also no Logout button. On the discourse.itk.org instance, I also see this issue of there always being a scroll bar, although a little more shallowly.

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I understand it is a minor thing, and there is a shortcut that I now can use, so I will never click there again. :slight_smile:
The design is not ergonomic even if the menu were properly sized: (why to force the user to go down a list, where the button could be at the top?).

the offset is indeed due to the CSS for the µforum logo.
@etadobson, try doing something like the following:
remove the height and margin-top settings from .headerLink.microforum a (that will solve the offset)… then putz with the margin-right a bit. You may also have better luck with placement if you use a logo image that has no intrinsic padding in the image itself (i.e. one that is cropped right up to the letters).
as others have said, that may still not be enough to get the logout link within the window (depending on how many notices you have)… so a question for discourse would be how to have it always show even if there are tons of notices in the scroll area.
if you need more help with the CSS, let me know, I can help via email.