Location of intersection points after skeletonization



I have a lattice structure, which I have skeletonize. So my image looks good in volume viewer. Can someone help me how to get the intersection points of struts? I can do it manually but it’s time taking and not sure if it is accurate. I would really appreciate any help.




Can you provide us with a bit more information? What is the step-by-step workflow you are currently using? Can you upload (either attach here in the thread or share with a link via a file sharing service) an original image file you are using?

Also - what do you mean by

I’m assuming you mean the location of junctions or so?

The more information you can provide - while being as clear and concise as possible - the better we’ll be at getting you the help you need.




Yes, I’m trying to extract pixel location of the junctions.

I’ve attached the image to this thread. Please let me know what other information I can provide.



Hello @anants1,

Have you tried using AnalyzeSkeleton? You might need to re-skeletonize the image using Skeletonize 3D before.




Hello Sirija,

I worked on a similar subject in 2D (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matdes.2015.12.062). As far as I know, you may encounter two problems:

  • First, you may get “parasite” branches due to local geometrical irregularities of the struts (diameter variation, protuberances, etc., especially if it’s additive manufacturing). These create branches that do not correspond to struts. Analyze skeleton can identify them, though, or even prune them. Or you may want to “smooth” your volume (e.g. by mathematical morphology) before skeletonization.
  • Second, it may happen that branches corresponding to connecting struts do not intersect at a single quadruple point (I guess your structure is diamond-like), but at two or three close points. If so, you will have to find a way to “gather” these junctions into a single one representing the geometrical center of a node.

And I think you should clip the top and bottom of your volume because the skeleton is ugly there (maybe because you have upper and lower plates).

But first, as iarganda said, use skeleton, then analyse skeleton, and check what you get.

Good luck!