LoadSingleImage is busted

I’m using CP 2.0 for Win32. Thanks for much for the new version! I like it a lot so far.

I cannot get LoadSingleImage to work.  I'm sure that I'm doing something silly, but when I run it as is, I immediately get a message saying "Pipeline processing finished, no measurements taken".  However, if I use the LoadImages module instead, everything works just fine.

For what it's worth, I've attached the pipeline that I'm using.  The name of the image that it refers to does in fact exist in the correct directory!  Thanks for the help...

loadsingleimage_test.cp (388 Bytes)

Hi Kazem,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is indeed a bug, which we will fix for our next release. In the meanwhile, the best workaround is to use LoadImages (which I assume you’ve already tried).


I stand corrected. It turns out that LoadSingleImage doesn’t create image sets (or a single image set). Instead, it adds an image to an already existing image set. Therefore, no measurements were produced because LoadSingleImage doesn’t create any all by itself.

The workaround mentioned in the previous post still holds, but we will document this behavior better.