Loading pipelines under Linux fails



Hi, when starting CellProfiler from the command line on Linux (OpenSuse 10.1) I get the following warning:

Warning: latest version of matlab app-defaults file not found. Contact your system administrator to have this file installed.

Loading any pipeline (I tried cellprofilers example pipelines) fails and the following error is prompted in the terminal window:

Undefined function or variable ‘ModuleName’.
Error in ==> CellProfiler>LoadPipeline_Callback at 5876
Error in ==> CellProfiler>gui_mainfcn at 10432
Error in ==> CellProfiler at 65
Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

Another problem is that in the file browser window I cannot select files with the mouse but have to write the names manually.

In the meantime I switched to Windows using a virtual machine. Any idea what I can do? Thanks for your help.



When I start CellProfiler from the folder where it is installed, loading of pipelines works fine.

But still there is the problem with the mouse when trying to select files, pipelines or whatever from the file browser window…



Hi Tobias,

Please be sure to start CellProfiler using CellProfiler.command as this sets up environment variables on Linux machines. I have also experienced some oddities with how browser windows function under Linux, but have no real solution for you. In my experience, I seem to be able to navigate folders one folder at a time, and in the end can select the file I want. I do however have issues when trying to navigate through several folders. This error is on the MATLAB side and cannot be corrected by the CellProfiler team. Sorry for the inconvenience!