Loading Objects - how to be compatible with the new input modules?

In CP 2.2 I do not see an obvious way to load segmentation results (label images saved with the SaveImages module and the option “objects”) that is compatible with the new (not that new anymore) input modules.

I should be able to load the objects back with the LoadSingleImage module, however adding this to the pipeline breaks the new Input Modules.

The background is an analysis for which I use two pipelines, one for segmentation (involving IdentifyObjectsManually and EditObjectsManually) and another for measurement/feature extraction, where the segmentation masks from the first pipeline should be used on many images.

I would like to avoid using the legacy LoadImages module but it seems to be the only option if I also want to use LoadSingleimage to read in objects. Maybe I’m missing something.

You should be able to load objects in NamesAndTypes part of Input Modules.
Just choose Objects from Select the image type (option does not show if ‘assign a name to’ is set to ‘All images’).

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Thank you.
I did have exactly the problem of the option not showing due to selecting “assign a name” to “all images”.
Now I can see the option and I should be able to adjust the pipeline accordingly.

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