Loading example pipelines



Hello World,

being a complete newbie to Cellprofiler, I tried the suggested way: go with the example files and attempt to learn:

  • images and pipeline are within one folder (ExampleHumanImages Folder)
  • default image and output folders are set

but when I try to load the pipeline from that folder, I receive this message:

Undefined function or variable ‘ModuleName’.
Error in ==> CellProfiler>LoadPipeline_Callback at 5919
Error in ==> CellProfiler>FilenamesListBox_Callback at 8276
Error in ==> CellProfiler>gui_mainfcn at 10475
Error in ==> CellProfiler at 65
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Does anyone have an idea, what this means? (running OS 10.3.9, CellProfilerv1.0.4553). Any comments are welcome! :unamused:


Hi Hadre,

It looks like you have not set your preferences correctly. Please go to File -> SetPreferences and make the the Modules folder option is pointing to /CELLPROFILERPATH/Modules.