Loading CZI and process channels


I did load and CZI (400 frames, 2 Channels) into CP 2.1 and used Groups to assign each channel to one group. But now I am stack a bit. The idea is rather simple, I want to do some image math, e.g. channel1 divided by channel 2.
But I do not see how to specify the two channels in the image math module? What am I missing, since I bet the solution is actually quite easy…

Cheers, Sebastian

Hi guys,

I think I figured it out. Under NamesAndTypes one can use Metadata to assign channels to certain images. I just overlooked this possibility.
The pipeline is attached.

Thanks, Sebi
Ratio_CZI_One_File.cpproj (239 KB)

Hi Sebi,

Good to see you figured it out!

For future reference (for you or anyone else who might come across this page), we’ve posted a tutorial on loading image stacks and movies here.