Loading .avi files



I am stuck at the very beginning. Using the RAD software I have uncompressed my avi. movie. However, I cannot load the movie. I tried using the module SplitOrSplice Movie to Split the movie, but the error I get is “number 01. error using aviinfo Unable to open… my file.” I have also tried to load movie by load images module.

What is the best way to load avi movies?




Sorry to hear you are having trouble loading your movie.

Hm, the LoadImages module should work, presuming your movie is in a compatible avi format. Could you try uncompressing with different settings or options? We are not experts on movie formats here, but I do know that it can be a nightmare because there are so many varieties, even of a file format called ‘avi’. You might also post your movie somewhere on the web where we can see it and give it a try ourselves. Unless a setting is really wrong in the LoadImages module, it’s most likely that the format is just not readable even thought it’s uncompressed avi.

Please keep us posted if you figure it out or can post your movie online.