LoadImages not working for the HT29 sample data

Hey there, I am new to using CellProfiler 2.2 for my Windows 10 64-bit PC. I would like to use it for my assays. To learn it I am going through your sample downloadable content and optimize it for my images.

So when I load the Human Cell file, to build a new library, I am trying to set up LoadImages module. It shows this error in the screenshot below and is not able to process further.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong as I am new at this and I need to understand this software for my research. Cheers.

Hmm, the pipeline opens fine on all 3 builds of CellProfiler I have in my Windows10 machine, and doesn’t contain LoadImages. Are you following along with one of the old tutorials, and that’s why you’re trying to use LoadImages? If so, just ignore that step and drag and drop the images in to the Images module- LoadImages is a few versions of the software ago.

Good luck!