LoadImages - missing files

Hi there,

I tried to load some images but I get an error because of missing images. In the help, I saw that there should be an option to handle this case (“Check image sets for missing or duplicate files?”) but I cannot find it within the configuration of the module. Does it just appear in certain cases?


Hi July,

There are two parts to answering this question:

  • You need to extract metadata from your images to use this feature. Select an option from “Extract metadata from where?” and fill in the requisite details.

  • After you’ve done the above, the duplicate/missing files setting is actually hidden away under the “Group images by metadata” setting that should now have appeared. Check that box and the duplicate/missing files setting will also appear.

The duplicate/missing images setting needs a way to find metadata, which we define as corresponding matching text in your image/channel filenames. If you don’t have metadata in your images, then unfortunately this feature won’t work for you.


Hi Mark,

thanks a lot for your answer. Now it works. Maybe your comment could be added to the help page of this module. It’s a bit confusing because for other parameters it’s documented if they appear just in special cases.


Quite true. This one must have escaped our editors :smiley: It will definitely be clarified for the next release.