LoadData Multipage Flex Files

Hello All,

             I'd like some advice on how to set up a .csv file that will allow me to load several individual planes from a multi-page .flex file. I'm using CP2.0 v10415, as this is the only version of CP2.O that can currently process my flex files. My .csv file for the LoadData module looks like this:


C:\Users\M\Desktop\New folder\sub1

(the above fields appear in the same row of my .csv file)

Is there a term I can add to the ‘Image_FileName’ field to specify which plane to extract from the flex file?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Mike,

Since there are many different ways multipage tiffs can be configured, I’d say that the best way to ensure that you are feeding LoadData exactly what CP expects is to do this (I have tested this on a nother multipage .flex file that I found, but let us know if this doesn’t work):
(0) I think you might have to use the Trunk Build (I suggest the 2.0 version here) for to at least extract the info you need, because this version includes some bug fixes to multi-page reading
(1) Add LoadImages (yes, LoadImages!) to pipeline
(1a) Choose File type to be loaded = “tif, tiff, flex… movies”
(1b) Enter the channels as needed for your flex file (and note that this may be just one).
(1c) You can check the images to be extracted by clicking Test -> Start Test Mode, then click Step, and then Test -> Choose Group (and possibly Test -> Choose Image Cycle). Hopefully you see all your channels/pages to be loaded here.
(2) Add ExportToSpreadsheet
(3) Run the above 2 module pipeline.
(4) Open in the output XX_Image.csv. In it you will likely find “Metadata_Series”, “Metadata_T”, “Metadata_Z” columns (plus other extraneous columns). I believe these are the only Metadata columns to be added to you LoadData csv, in addition to the standard Image_[File|Path]Name_X columns.
(5) Cross your fingers(!) and see if this works as input to your LoadData. (This should work in version 10415, afaik).

Let us know how it goes!