LoadData Module for images from MetaXpress

Hello all,

I am trying to adapt the analysis pipeline used for Cell Painting to work for Distributed-CellProfiler. The biggest problem I’m having is getting a functional .csv file for the LoadData module, since Input module doesn’t work in Distributed ( :sob: ). Is there a quick way to generate this .csv file using images take with a MetaXpress since all the images have file names containing Well, Plate and Site information? I know the 3.0 wiki has a bit about it, but it only really allows you to easily separate path and filename and not much else.

Thank you!


My workaround here (because I’ve run into this exact problem before!) is to either

A) Rather than use LoadData, use CreateBatchFiles- DistributedCP DOES support batch files being passed instead of the pipeline file.

B) Have a “MakeImageSets” pipeline, which has the 4 input modules and nothing else- then use CellProfiler’s “ExportImageSetListing” option to get your nicely grouped image sets.