Load Object Classifier Problem

I am not able to load an object classifier I generated from an individual image.
I am trying to use that classifier json file on an image from a qupath project but even if I put the json file in the project classifier folder, it does not appear in qupath.
I need help with loading this classifier since I spent hours on generating that json object classifier with m9 version qupath.

It should be in the subfolder Project → classifiers → object_classifiers - is that the case?

I opened an individual image without creating a project and generated that object classifier.
Then I made a project and put the same image in that project.
I tried to load the object classifier that I generated but it does not appear now on QuPath screen.

If the classifier is inside precisely the folder I mentioned before running the Load object classifier (New!) command then it should appear.

I’d suggest creating a rough classifier within the project and saving it to ensure that the appropriate folder is created, check where it is saved and then to ensure that it appears.

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It worked, many thanks!!
I was doing SLIC superpixel tile classification by your new object classifier. It works perfectly!

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