Load Multiple Images for a Single Cycle

Hi there,
My images from a single slide are stored as a sequence of JPG images.I’d like to run about ten or so images in a single cycle so that the final module output is a sum total of all the objects found in all the ten images. How do I go about Load Images?
Jeremy :neutral_face:

When you say “sum total of all the objects found,” which of the following are you saying:

  • Sum the pixel mask
    for each object, across all images. The result at each pixel would be the number of objects which have a pixel at that location in all images.
  • Sum the pixel values
    within each each object, across all images. The result at each pixel would be the sum of the pixel intensities for each object at that location in all images.

Either way, the method to sum them would be the same, but the input would be different. I just want to make sure…

I simply mean that the objects in all the images should be counted and classified as if they were all in one large image.Much like the Tile Module works , except that the Tile Module analyses each image separately and then and only finally adds them together. I would like a single cycle. Sort of like tiling the images together at the start and then analyzing them in a single cycle.,

Hi Jeremy,

Other than running a pipeline which first tiles your images, and saving that tiled image, there is no option to combine multiple images in a single cycle. The same is true for making a projection of a stack of images- CellProfiler first needs to run through all the images and make the projection before you can measure anything about them.


Hi Kate ,
Thanks and I’ll give it a go . Many pathologist friends are impressed by the functionality of the CPA too.