Load .mha images in ImageJ


I am try to load and view .mha images using ImageJ and I have downloaded required plug-ins also ( I think so.) like 3D I/O or ij-dcraw_ but still whenever I open it then ImageJ shows only header not the data. So how to process, load the .mha images in ImageJ.


The Fiji distribution of ImageJ supports MHA out of the box. Did you try it?

Thanks buddy. A part of problem is solved.
But again there is a problem. I am working in BRATS-2013 image database in which all images are .mha images and I have to go through pre-processing of those images and I am using SimpleITK platform for image processing in .mha images.
SimpleITK use ImageJ as its default image viewer not FIJI or ImageJ2. So even if I can view .mha images in FIJI but still after applying some changes SimpleITK can not show me the result in imagej.

So how to make FIJI as a default image viewer in SimpleITK. I want for any image format, always fiji works with simpltitk. Have any idea.

At present for any image, imagej shows no reader plug-in installed but if I open the same image separately it open normally in imagej.


If you’re doing some pre-processing anyways, I’d recommend to save to a different file format. Or otherwise, you can teach SimpleITK to use a different image viewer: have a look at the SimpleITK FAQ page.

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