Load images as objects

I am trying to load some grayscale images as objects.
The images defines the cell oulines of another image, and each cell has a different color.
I am using the loadimages module and setting the Load the input as image or objects? parameter to Objects.

When doing a test run, everything works perfect. I get objects as defined by the images.
But when analyzing images, i get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “cellprofiler\pipeline.pyc”, line 309, in run
File “cellprofiler\modules\loadimages.pyc”, line 2120, in run
File “cellprofiler\measurements.pyc”, line 258, in add_image_measurement
File “cellprofiler\measurements.pyc”, line 307, in add_measurement
AssertionError: Feature Image.ObjectsFileName_IMAGE_FOR_Nuclei added for the first time on pass # 0

I have also tried loading object images created with cellprofiler, but i still get this error. These object images are created using the convertobjectstoimage module, and then saving the images.

Can anybody help?


Would you mind posting your pipeline plus a couple of example images to test things out on?


Uploaded 2 image series and my pipeline
LoadImageAsObject.cp (7.64 KB)
Images.rar (1.84 MB)


This behavior is a bug (first noted here) which has been fixed in our code but not yet released.

One workaround is to re-identify the objects from the original image in this current pipeline. An alternative is to download a developer build of CellProfiler which is available from here with the caveats mentioned. In particular, take note of the fact that pipelines made with the trunk build are not backwards compatible.