Load by order not implemented

Dear team,

Thanks for the new version of the software, it is of very high quality (much like the first version).

I am trying to load groups of three images to colour and subsequently combine them, but I encounter a problem as soon as I start the analysis. I am loading the images by order, and a error message indicates that “load by order not implemented” and no measurements are taken.

Am I doing anything incorrectly? Is there any way around this?
I’ve attached the pipeline in case you needed it for anything.

Many thanks,

IF pipeline order.cp (5.98 KB)

Correct, LoadImages using order is not yet implemented, though it should be for the next release. The only workaround at this point is to name your images in such a way that “Text-Exact match” or “Text-Regular expression” can be applied.

When LoadImages by order is released, it will be posted here.

Our latest release, r10415, now includes loading by Order.