Live image zoom does not work as expected on 2nd monitor

MM 2 nightly build 14-Dec-2020 19:53 (64bit)

Use case: Preview window is in live mode on 2nd monitor.
Pressing the ‘+’ zoom button does nor work as expected: The X direction is displayed kind of collapsed.

The ´+´zoom button works correct when preview window is on 1st monitor.

Best regards to Nico, Falk

Hey @Falki!

Great to see you here! There have been several changes to the code managing zoom in 2.0, and apparently it is difficult to get things right. I opened an issue on github: + Zoom button does not work as expected with Preview window on second monitor · Issue #1072 · micro-manager/micro-manager · GitHub, and hopefully Mark or Max (who last worked on this code) will have a look. In the mean time, I do not even have a second monitor anymore (home on my laptop;()

Finally got back on a two monitor system. Fix is is the upcoming nightly build. Thanks for reporting this bug!