Live image stitching

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to work out an alternative to a slide scanner

Would anyone know if there is any way of doing a live image stitching via a video feed?

Or any alternative solutions

Hi @Kevin92,

The possible alternatives depend on the sample, your existing equipment, and your budget.

Can you describe the equipment you have, and the area you want to scan?

Since you asked about stitching via a video feed, does that mean you already have the ability to move the sample and collect images at defined time intervals?

If so you can collect a set of images and then use existing stitching plugins.

Hope this helps.

Thanks tswayne

We have an olympus microscope, model CX41RF

We have a relatively large collection of histology slides to scan (approx 1000 slides)

ideally live stiching would be best

see : for an example

Our budget is realitvely small

any advice is much appreciated!

I’m not aware of any live stitching plugins for ImageJ – microscopes usually store discrete images at defined stage coordinates, so stitching plugins will use that as a starting point.

I’m not familiar with the software in the YouTube video. It looks intriguing, but I would recommend asking for a demo to test it on your samples.

Another possibility (I think it’s free…) might be Microsoft ICE.

Depending on the software cost and quality, you might do better to send the slides out to a service for scanning. Our Molecular Pathology core facility in NYC does it for less than $6 per slide (scroll down to Leica SCN400) for external users. Some university in your area might be able to do it for even less.

Hope this helps.

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