Live button doesn't trigger auto shutter

Hello, I’m using MM2.0.0-gamma1 (20200917), with a FLIR camera (using the included Spinnaker device adapter), a Coolled pe-4000, and a light controlled with Arduino. The shutter is either the Arduino-shutter, or the Coolled-shutter. I set the shutter to “Auto”. Everything works well when I press Snap or when I run a Multi-Channel Acquisition. The Coolled and the Arduino-controlled light turn on when they are expected to turn on.
However, they don’t turn on when I hit “Live”. To get some light in Live Mode, I need to deactivate the auto shutter, and press Open to manually turn on the shutter.

What could I do?

Thanks a lot for your help,

I’m pretty sure this is something missing from the Spinnaker device adapter.

Could you check if Multi-D Acquisition works when you turn off everything except for Time Points, and set the Count to 10 and Interval to 0? My prediction (from reading the code) is that this will open the shutter, but I suspect it may fail to close after finishing. It will be helpful to confirm this before trying to fix the Live Mode case.

I did try what you suggested: it does actually work. The shutter opens when I press Acquire, and it closes after finishing (the shutter is in Auto mode).
But the shutter still doesn’t open when I press Live.

Thank you, @MaxDeforet. I created a ticket for this bug.

Thanks to Mark’s very clear diagnosis now fixed in both the 1.4 and 2.0 source code. Fixed version should be in Oct. 2, 2020 (and later) nightly builds.

I just tried the latest nightly build and it perfectly works.
Thank you very much Mark and Nico!

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