Little bug in Bio-Formats importer


I am opening the attached files with the Bio-Formats Importer GUI, choosing one of the files and then checking the option “Group files with similar names”; If I then check the “Pattern” option it works perfectly and loads all the files. However when I check the “Dimensions” option, which seemingly shows the right values, it does only load a subset of the data. (5.2 MB)

This is a question for the OME development team. @dgault Any ideas? FYI, I also invited some other team members to the forum.

Hi Christian,

many thanks for the bug report and the attached fileset. Using it, I was effectively able to reproduce the bug you described using Fiji with Bio-Formats 5.1.9.

The issue is related to the way the last image was computed for each axis when the “Dimensions” option is used. A Pull Request has been opened against the BIo-Formats source code repository to correct this bug and should be reviewed shortly.



Hi Christian

Bio-Formats 5.1.10 has been released today and includes the file grouping fix. The Fiji update site has been updated. Please let us know if this error persists.