Liquid Crystal Defects Detection

I need some help to detect and count liquid crystal defects on my picture. The defects have a minimum diameter of 4 pixels and a height of at least 0.1 um relative to background. Could you please suggest a pipeline that I can use?

I have attached some pictures.



Hi Al,

I assume that the feature to detect is the small gray spot in the image? If so, I would suggest looking at the speckle counting pipeline from our Examples page which is similar.
Aside from that, I recommend the following for your pipeline:

  • After loading the image, since the feature detection assumes a light foreground on a dark background, and your spots seem to be darker than the background, you will need to invert the intensities using ImageMath, by selecting “Invert” as the operation. Do this before using EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures.

  • In EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures, select a filter size that is greater than or equal to the size of the spots.