I want just let you know that I have been able to get the CPA V2.0 running under Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic - 2.6.31) from the source code.
It looks great!
I am trying to use it for a quite “complex” problem of cells classification…

Thanks for this great piece of software,


Hi Indro!
Thanks so much for posting your success here! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if they come up. We specialize in extra large and complex biological data.

What revision are you using?


Today’s one…
I now looking if it is possible to get the output table with a “per_object” classification…

I will certainly accept any help …



There’s a properties field that will let you write out classes for each object. Currently we only let you write it to another table, but you could easily link the table back into the per_object table by using the object keys.

From the manual I am currently writing:

I should also mention that the code is changing pretty dramatically right now, as we prepare for release. I just fixed 2 bugs today that were caused by general refactoring. Do let me know if you encounter anything that’s broken so I can be sure to fix it before releasing. :mrgreen:

Thanks again for making contact!